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      Welcome to Les Painting
      Experienced Painting Contractors & Wallpapering North Shore Suburbs

      We’re one the most professional painting companies! We specialize in interior and exterior residential painting and offer best painting services.

      Welcome to Les Painting—Experienced Painting Contractors. We employ the best of painting contractors in order to provide our Chicagoland clients with high quality paint jobs at affordable prices. We have years of experience in providing painting services including interior painting, exterior painting, and commercial painting. Our wide variety of paint options and talented contractors make us the perfect option for your paint job. Call with questions!

      Les Painting – We have years of professional painting & wallpapering experience, what makes us Most Reliable Painting Service in Illinois

      Les Painting – We provide a full range of painting services, including Interior, Exterior, Commercial Painting & Wallpapering

      At Les Painting, we provide a full range of painting and wallpapering services. These services include interior painting, exterior painting Northbrook, commercial painting and wallpaper installation. Each of these painting services require different skills and materials, which we are equipped to deal with. By hiring Les Painting, you are certain to receive high quality, consistent paint jobs every time. Contact us today to find out more about our services and our affordable prices.

      Interior painting

      Interior Painting

      Interior painting and wallpaper installation is one of those jobs that people often try to do themselves. However, by hiring a professional, like the contractors at Les Painting, you guarantee a consistent, even paint job throughout your property. Contact us for a quickly completed, affordable interior paint job. We look forward to it!

      exterior painting

      Exterior Painting

      Exterior painting requires different skills from interior painting. Why? It can be harder to reach every nook and cranny, for one. Additionally, different paints and materials are needed for your paint to withstand the extremes of the elements. Contact us today to get your exterior painting job started!

      commercial painting

      Commercial Painting

      Commercial painting is important for your business’s success. You want the colors to match your branding needs, but you also want the paint job itself to be thorough and complete. We offer affordable rates for your commercial painting job—whether you are in need of new construction or remodeling painting.